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About Us

One of the biggest challenges in North Shore’s history was the venture into the world of polyethylene kayaks, as this was a material unfamiliar to Mike. North Shore’s collaboration with Valley Sea Kayaks, ensured this was a success and the AtlanticRM continues to be the most successful kayak in the company’s history.


Over time, Mike stepped away from day-to-day involvement in the company,t o focus more on the design side, resulting in the Evolution models you see today. Mike has now retired but can still be found enjoying the rugged coastline of Northern England, the area where North Shore was founded and that continues to shape North Shore’s kayaks to this day.


This area in the North East of Britain has always been famed for threet hings; a rich history of boat building, the no-nonsense outlook of its people and the rugged coastline, mentioned above. These are imbedded in North Shore’s philosophy as a company.


All North Shore products seek to combining the craftsmanship, build qualityand value for money, prized for generations, by the people in that area, with designs that can take on the harshest of conditions found on their doorstep. Those are the qualities that North Shore was built on and what it continues to stand for today.


NorthShore Sea Kayaks, driven by quality and design, hand built in the UK.

Hand built in the UK.

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